What is Yogic Life Meditation?

Yogic Life Meditation is the easiest, most effortless technique of meditation available today. It doesn’t require us to control our racing thoughts or sit in uncomfortable positions or make special mudras with our hands etc. Instead it simply leads the mind to a place of deepest rest possible -- to the level of pure consciousness so that all the accumulated stresses and their ill effects in the form of mental and physical malfunctions start getting removed. It confers immediate benefits by reducing stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and insomnia and increases feelings of calm, peace and happiness. It augments our capacity to think or to focus and simultaneously enhances our memory, I.Q. and creativity. It also helps relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and at the same time boosts immunity. All we have to do is a regular practice of Yogic Life Meditation for twenty minutes every morning and every evening.

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the benefits


Here are some of the benefits of practicing Yogic Life Meditation, twice 20 minutes a day:

Boosts clarity, concentration, productivity and relieves anxiety.

Increases love, compassion, and connectedness with one's own self and others.

Enhances feelings of peace, happiness and harmony.

Meet the instructors

Swami Shailendra Saraswati

Swami Shailendra Saraswati MASTER TEACHER & FOUNDER

Swami Shailendra Saraswati grew up with both eastern and western influences. For many years he shared a bedroom with his grandfather, a renowned Vedic scholar who taught him all he could. When Swamiji’s grandfather was close to dying, he lovingly blessed Swamiji and told the family that he had transferred all his spiritual wealth and knowledge to the young Shailendra. Swamiji absorbed Vedic knowledge, while loving science so much that he considered it his religion.

He was a brilliant student. Upon leaving high school, he took the entrance exam to the prestigious IIT University along with literally hundreds of thousands of aspirants and scored among the top one hundred students. But Swamiji chose not to follow this path because he believed modern Physics held the answers to questions about Life and the universe that he had been seeking for years, so he studied Physics honors for his Bachelor's degree and focused on elementary Particle Physics for his Masters at Delhi University. On completion of the degree, he was disappointed -- he realized that Physics had limitations, and that at the quantum level, it was essential to understand consciousness as the source and goal of the physical universe which was beyond the scope of science of the times.

Disillusioned, Swamiji briefly turned his attention to the questions of poverty in the world and mismanagement of resources and assets around him. He studied MBA at IIM Ahmedabad and started working as a vice president of a steel corporation, but he soon realized the futility of trying to change the world from such a superficial level.

To find a true solution to the world’s problems, Swamiji took leave from his job and embarked on an introspective journey through the length and breadth of India and then of Europe on a bicycle. In Finland he came across Transcendental Meditation at a small forest academy. Always sceptical of blind faith, he decided to study and evaluate it for himself, resolving to expose it if it turned out to be a hoax. After a thorough study of TM, he became convinced that it was not only a powerful tool for becoming one with universal consciousness, but also it was the surest and shortest way to reach world peace. Upon returning to India much to his family’s consternation, Swamiji resigned from his job and decided to become a monk and a teacher of TM. While he was taking the teacher training course in the Himalayas, he was chosen by the Maharishi to accompany him on a world tour. For the next 25 years, Swamiji travelled closely with the Maharishi, studying and teaching TM around the world and serving in various capacities such as the founding principal of Maharishi College of Management in Nairobi and Dean of faculty at Maharishi International University at Oslo, Norway. He taught Managerial Statistics and Physics at Maharishi University of Management at Fairfield, Iowa. While teaching Physics, Swamiji became convinced that the Unified Field of all the laws of nature which according to Physics is the source of all matter, energy and intelligence in the universe is none other than the field of consciousness itself -- which is experienced through Transcendental meditation and harnessed to produce any desired effect through the Siddhi program.

TM originates in Vedic literature. Hence to discover the full potential of additional Vedic technologies, under Maharishi’s guidance, Swamiji delved deep into a rigorous study of the entire Vedic literature in the original Sanskrit and further following Maharishi’s instructions, he moved to Amarkantak in the forests of central India which is a spiritually charged place because it is the origin of the holy river Narmada and Maharishis own guru Shri Brahmanand Saraswati had meditated there for forty years in a cave.

One day while Swamiji was meditating in the forest, he was spotted by a manager of a mining company who was concerned to see Swamiji meditating without any shelter in fervid heat and torrential rains. He led Swamiji to an abandoned ammunition depot which had been built to store gunpowder and other explosives for mining and offered it as a place of refuge. It had massively thick concrete walls and of course no windows, water or electricity. It was perfect for Swamiji's purpose. For the next ten years, it served as his cave as he went into a deep meditation to corroborate the knowledge from his research into Vedic texts with direct personal experience. Out of this inner immersion arose Yogic Life Meditation -- the simplest, most effective technique for integrating body mind and consciousness into One -- for realizing the full potential of human life. For the last ten years, Swamiji has travelled extensively and validated the power of this technique by teaching people from all strata of life.

Punam Thakran


Punam Thakran teaches Yogic Life Meditation. She is a writer and formerly taught English in the Bay Area to students from middle school through college.

She grew up in India hearing stories of an uncle, who in his 20’s became a monk after renouncing an extremely lucrative career and all connections with the family to follow his teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi around the world.

In 2009 on a trip to India, Punam met this uncle (Swami ji) who had recently emerged from the forests of Amarkantak and was now a wandering monk traversing the cities and villages of India teaching meditation to all who were interested.

Swamiji initiated Punam into Yogic Life Meditation, and she immediately recognized that this was the simplest and most direct way to get in touch with her deepest self- even though she had practiced another method of meditation for 25 years and was not looking to make a change. Swamiji suggested she meditate for 20 minutes every morning and 20 minutes every evening for two months, using Yogic Life Meditation technique to see what would happen. Curious, she decided to try it out just for two months.

Punam began sitting for meditation first thing in the morning and before dinner every evening. Yogic Life Meditation started changing her life from inside out. She felt more present, engaged, happy, and peaceful.The two months came and went- she was hooked. There was no going back. Over the years, she learned advanced meditation techniques from Swamiji and was ultimately trained by him to become a teacher of Yogic Life Meditation.

Punam has been teaching Yogic Life Meditation to students of all ages- some as young as 10 years old. She has taught in various settings. She has led retreats, taught large and small groups and trained people in one on one sessions.

She currently lives with her husband and triplet daughters in Marin County and also operates a retail shop in Mill Valley, Monarch Imports, which features beautiful handmade artifacts from India and around the world. When she’s not meditating, she enjoys hiking, cooking vegetarian meals, and reading. But she always says that nothing makes her happier than when she is meditating or teaching meditation.



From students of Yogic Life Meditation:

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